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      Our family has lived on the same farm since before I was born. I am now 27. We have never had anything other than pure breed German shepherds. Many of the 6 dogs we have on the farm we've had from puppies. We take pride in loving and raising all of our dogs. I have a 9 year old niece and a 6 year old nephew so our puppies get lots of love and attention from children. They are always perfectly suited for families. German Shepherds will become protective over your children and in this world today all children could use that. Our puppies are always weened and eating dry dog food by the time we let them go to new families. We let them go to their new homes at 8 weeks. It makes me smile watching them grow each one with there own little personality.If you have any questions about us or how we do things give us a call.
Contact: George at 765-624-9342
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Meet Fritz the handsome daddy dog 
< Tigger(left) Fritz (right)
Sadie and I chillin on the floor.
Sadie pictured with her new litter!!!!
We have a new litter as of 
 3 girl 3 boys 700.00 each

White litter due in approximately 2 weeks
1000.00 each
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